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I Listen to Memphis is about Memphis music today, the musicians who make it, and the places and culture that fuel it. We are here to inform and inspire by sharing the best of Memphis music.

How do you become an ILTM member?

You can join the I Listen to Memphis donor group anytime by making a suggested donation of $50 or more.

You will receive a limited edition poster, first access to ILTM season 1 videos, and will also be able to purchase exclusive new gear only available to ILTM donors. And going forward, you will have the opportunity to attend donor-only parties, shows, happy hours and more. These dollars, coupled with dollars from other individuals and foundations will allow Beale Street Caravan to produce I Listen to Memphis Season 2 and more content for

How are your dollars spent?

Your vital funds are spent producing more content and sustaining the I Listen to Memphis platform. Donations are critical to connecting with Memphis artists in a more personal way. Our goal is to make our platform as interactive as can be and your support will help fund these efforts.

 Once a part of ILTM, how do you participate?

Membership is what you make of it. We want to hear your ideas. Some ideas for members to participate include:

  • Submit artists you’d like to see featured on I Listen to Memphis. Become a part of a music review team to pick artists for season 2, and beyond.
  • Host a house party/fundraiser featuring ILTM artists.
  • Introduce us to your friends and family by hosting an ILTM party.
  • Attend member-only events.

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I Listen to Memphis is sponsored by Arts Memphis, Hyde Family Foundation, Firefly and Anonymous.