BSC is proud to expand its mission and introduce ILTM – a new weekly video series filmed in culturally relevant spaces. I Listen to Memphis is about Memphis music today, the musicians who make it, and the places and culture that fuel it. We are here to inform, inspire, and share the best of Memphis music.

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HEELS is a two piece out of Memphis TN. What started as an acoustic folk punk band is now the mightiest “two friends playing whatever they want” band in Memphis. Brennan writes lyrics that will make you want to fall in love or punch the person next to you. Josh’s drums hit hard and frequently. The only thing that equals their harmonies is their banter.
Their songs are upbeat, catchy and dynamic. They are always entertaining live. They are good boys.

When we first started dreaming up the ILTM project, the Buccaneer Lounge was always in the mix. From the very onset, it was sort of a given. It would have been impossible to represent the Memphis music world without it. The Bucc was singular in many ways, first and foremost for the nearly irrational level of passion and loyalty Bucc regulars had for the nautically-themed dive bar. Then there are the countless shack-shaking shows that are seared into the memories of Memphis music fans. Some of the best shows you’ve never seen by the best bands you’ve never heard of (and a few you have) went down at the Bucc. We couldn’t imagine ILTM without The Bucc.

But tragedy struck. Well, a lot of things struck. Hard times. Closure. A couple of hasty re-openings. Rumors. Back taxes. Then late last year the Bucc burned to the ground. Undeterred, the ILTM team soldiered on and we captured this live performance in the rubble and ashes.


Director – Christian Walker
Produced by Waheed AlQawasmi “WA Films”
Cinematographer – Jordan Danelz
Camera Operator/Editor – Jared B. Callan

Special thanks to Pigeon Roost Collaborative and Inherent Media.


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